American Muscle

  American Muscle; the smell of high octane fuel burning, the adrenaline rush of raw horsepower throwing you back in your seat when you get the throttle wide open down a two lane road, the energy of a high performance engine screaming..

The power of a Muscle car on the perfect summer day is nothing short of absolute freedom, makes you proud to be an American. 


 Unfortunately, many muscle cars sit. The feeling of freedom, put on hold. Life gets in the way of 'feeling alive'.. 

 When you are finally ready to get that Mustang, Corvette, GTO, Camaro, (or whatever your sweetheart may be) back on to the road, give us a call.

 From Carburetors to Fuel Injectors, Naturally aspired to Super Charged, we can keep your muscle car in top shape.


What about upgrades? We can help!

Power train upgrade? We can help!

Big Brake Kit? We can help!

Rear end upgrade? We can help!

Methanol Kit? We can help!

Suspension Upgrades? All day long!

Wheels and Tires? You Bet!

Whatever your Muscle car needs may be, Choose PhippsAutoWorks, you will not be disappointed!

Whatever you need, we have you covered.

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